About Us

"It all started with a dog named... you guessed it... Rusty."

Hey there!  Dean here from Rusty's Puppy Emporium.  I'd like to first thank you for visiting the site.  It means the world to me.   

Secondly, I'd like to tell you a little story about how all these crazy t-shirts came about...

See, it all started with a dog named... you guessed it... Rusty. 

Rusty was a charismatic, one of a kind Yorkshire Terrier whom my wife and I spoiled rotten every chance we could.  Rusty never ceased to find new ways to make us laugh.    

After 16 years of being part of our family, Rusty passed away.  We were obviously devastated but I wanted to create something that would keep Rusty's memory alive...

Around the same time of Rusty's passing I was getting more and more into screen printing.  And that's when the idea hit me:

Create dog inspired apparel that would make people laugh.  Just the way Rusty did for us all those years.

And that's when Rusty's Puppy Emporium was born.  A site where each piece of apparel has a bit of humor and a touch of craziness... but in a good way.  Just like Rusty. :-)